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What will coating your sheep do for you? 

Increase the value of your fleece in an extra return between 20% and 50% on money invested in the coating operation

Are these coats washable? 

Yes, they will not shrink or lose their shape. Suggested washing method: if you have an old top loading washing machine that you can run very hot water into (at least 160 degrees) and you can drain into garden or compost pile. Soap is better than detergent for your garden. As you know, the heavy lanolin is not good for septic systems. Another method is to use and outdoor propane pot. Heat water, let soak, hose to rinse then hang to dry.

How long will they last? 

That depends on how tough your sheep are on the coats. Barbed wire and fence nails can rip. The lighter weight fabric is not as tough as the regular weight fabric. With good care they should last several years.

How often do I have to change sheep coats? 

Depending on breed, age and how fast the fleece grows 3-6 times per year (more or less). Coating lambs require more changes more often. Always check to be sure the coat is not too tight. Check the inside of the leg strap to be sure straps are not adhering to the leg. Pull back the top of the coat to check the fleece growth. Make sure coats are not too tight!

What is your turn-around time? 

Usually 2-3 weeks. During high volume times (Early Spring and Fall) it can take longer. I try to make ahead during slow times. The size of the order sometimes makes a difference. However, I get them out as quickly as I can.

How do you ship? 

I use USPS Flat Rate as much as possible. 

What is your return policy? 

You may return any coat that has not been on a sheep for a full refund if you are not satisfied. Tears and rips are not refundable or replaceable.

Do you have any questions? 

Email: Patty@wooltinker.com

Sheep in coat

Sheep in coat